Being an empowered woman doesn’t mean ruining a man’s car

In the hit Taylor Swift song “Blank Space”, Taylor feels wronged by a good-looking playboy who cheats on her.  According to the video, the response for women in this situation isn’t to leave, and thank god you realized that the man you were devoted to is wrong for you, but to ruin a prized possession of his.  In this case, that possession is a Shelby Cobra (a replica for the video).

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I love the old muscle cars but I want the new ones.

I love the old muscle cars but I want the new ones.

I came of driving age in the late 60’s and I loved the cars. I had friends with any number of awesome cars. Shelby GT500 KR convertibles, Yenko Camaros, Boss 302 and 351 Mustangs, Mach 1 Cobra Jets, ram Air 400 GTO’s, 454 Chevelles. I knew guys with all these great cars. And back then we wanted them.
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The Caterham (Lotus Seven) would be right at home in Socal

While deeply rooted in English car culture, these little sports cars have not had the presence that I think it should have in Southern California. Socal has a tremendous motorcycle culture, there are hundreds of miles of curvy canyon roads, and the weather is nearly always mild with little rain and no snow.

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NO SHOW, ALL GO: The deceptive mindset of the sleeper

There is something cool about a car that look completely pedestrian, yet will hang with or even beat a Veyron.  Here are some excellent examples of Sleepercars from across the web that wouldn’t get a second look, yet each of which is capable of running the 1/4 mile in the 10s or lower!

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5 terrifyingly fast cars caught on video

What an age we live in!  There are cameras everywhere and the internet serves as an excellent forum to show some of the most insane automobiles from across the world.  Be prepared to be amazed at the following cars caught on camera!

  • 1600whp Gallardo
  • A 600hp AE86 Carolla with a 20b 3-rotor
  • 1076rwhp V8TT Grand National
  • 800hp Supercharged C5 Corvette
  • A 1000+hp Skyline

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I’ll take a Venom GT over a Veyron any day

Hypercars are at their peak.  From the 918 & LaFerrari to the P1, if you have a million dollars to spend on a ridiculous car, 2014 is a good time to live.  Two of the hyperest of hypercars are the Hennessey Venom GT and the now classic (nearly 10 years of production) Bugatti Veyron.  These two couldn’t be more evenly matched and yet more different.   Continue reading

Los Angeles Needs a Drag Strip

Street Racing hot rods has been a Los Angeles  past-time for over a half of a century and it still is today.  From American Graffiti to The Fast & Furious, Los Angeles has been THE street racing city.  While the Ford deuce coupes have been replaced with Japanese turbos and 500+ cubic inch muscle, the concept has remained unchanged: Let’s see who’s faster.  The problem in 2014 is that the cars are REALLY fast, and the roads are REALLY populated.   Continue reading

Corvette C5 on Mulholland Drive (The Snake)

Southern California is arguably the best place to live if you are a car person.  From the weekly car shows like Supercar Sunday (Woodland Hills Sundays) and Cars & Coffee (Irvine Saturdays) to the amazing roads, LA/Orange County is the best place to be if you live the car life.  Here is a video of a 97 C5 corvette with some bolt-ons taking a great drive on Mulholland Dr also known as The Snake! Continue reading