5 terrifyingly fast cars caught on video

What an age we live in!  There are cameras everywhere and the internet serves as an excellent forum to show some of the most insane automobiles from across the world.  Be prepared to be amazed at the following cars caught on camera!

  • 1600whp Gallardo
  • A 600hp AE86 Carolla with a 20b 3-rotor
  • 1076rwhp V8TT Grand National
  • 800hp Supercharged C5 Corvette
  • A 1000+hp Skyline

1600whp Gallardo


An AE86 Carolla with a 20b 3-rotor
(it gets jaw-dropping at 33seconds)


A ridiculous Grand National with a V8TT


Blown C5 with 800hp ripping through a canyon
What a sound!

The “Skyline from Hell”
Spinning the tires THAT much, while launching THAT fast is incredible!

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