I love the old muscle cars but I want the new ones.

I love the old muscle cars but I want the new ones.

I came of driving age in the late 60’s and I loved the cars. I had friends with any number of awesome cars. Shelby GT500 KR convertibles, Yenko Camaros, Boss 302 and 351 Mustangs, Mach 1 Cobra Jets, ram Air 400 GTO’s, 454 Chevelles. I knew guys with all these great cars. And back then we wanted them.

Now some 40 plus years later these cars are considered icons of the grand age of muscle cars. I watch all the auctions and remember back to the time when a 396 Chevelle was nice, but not as nice as a Hemi Cuda.  And the small blocks were laughed at. We wanted cubic inches.

Today the cars of my youth are very expensive to own. And they keep going up in value, which is nice. But the sad truth is, the best of those years can’t compete with the cars of today. Maybe the best examples of this are the Hellcat Challenger, Boss 302 Mustang and the new Z28 Camaro.

The new cars have more horsepower, they actually turn and stop, they can be driven without pain. The old cars were brutes with brakes that were iffy, handling that was sketchy, and they required your undivided attention to drive fast, especially if there was a curve anywhere in your path.

One of my dream cars has always been the 1970 Boss 302 Mustang. When I could afford one I didn’t have the money. Now they are untouchable. BUT if I had the money, I would buy a new Boss and not the old one. It is a way better car:
1970 Boss 302:  0-60 in 6.9 and 1/4 mile in 14.6 braking 60-0 in 130ft
2012 Boss 302: 0-60 in 3.5  1/4 mile in 12.3  braking 60-0 in 108ft skidpad .94g


I was/am a part of the generation that was alive and into cars back in the glory days of muscle. And I am as nostalgic as the next man to relive the experience I had back in the late 60’s in a number of awesome cars. But if I can only own one Z28 or one Challenger, it is going to be the new one. I guess I am too old to work that hard to have fun behind the wheel.

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