Los Angeles Needs a Drag Strip

Street Racing hot rods has been a Los Angeles  past-time for over a half of a century and it still is today.  From American Graffiti to The Fast & Furious, Los Angeles has been THE street racing city.  While the Ford deuce coupes have been replaced with Japanese turbos and 500+ cubic inch muscle, the concept has remained unchanged: Let’s see who’s faster.  The problem in 2014 is that the cars are REALLY fast, and the roads are REALLY populated.  

L.A. has been steadily growing since it’s inception and that makes racing, a dangerous activity, into something that puts innocent & unwilling lives at risk.  Police have tried to shut down races by impounding, crushing, fining, and arresting, but it has done little to curb the desire of the masses that live for the rush of racing.  Industrial parks in  the eastern towns of L.A. continue to hold impromptu events where massive crowds gather to race, bet, and watch the cars duel it out.  While the racers are attempting to hold the events away from pedestrians, racing in these areas always has unpredictable elements that can be both dangerous and unfair.  Racing isn’t the problem, STREET racing is the problem.

In a city that spends so much money unsuccessfully trying to enforce & end street racing, to me the solution is simple.  Build a 1/4 mile drag strip!

Los Angeles doesn’t have a single drag strip aside from Irwindale which is over a half hour away and only an 8th mile.  1/8 mile tracks are not going to quench the thirst of the street racers.  The next closest is in Pomona, CA which is about an hour and a half out of L.A. and open track days are hard to find.  An inexpensive, safe way to test your car against others is needed in Los Angeles, and it baffles me why this hasn’t happened.  Let’s keep the sport alive, keep the cars from getting crushed into cubes, and keep the drivers and civilians safe.la st racing la st racing2 last racing 3 drag-strip

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