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Corvette C5 on Mulholland Drive (The Snake)

Southern California is arguably the best place to live if you are a car person.  From the weekly car shows like Supercar Sunday (Woodland Hills Sundays) and Cars & Coffee (Irvine Saturdays) to the amazing roads, LA/Orange County is the best place to be if you live the car life.  Here is a video of a 97 C5 corvette with some bolt-ons taking a great drive on Mulholland Dr also known as The Snake! Continue reading

Dreams are dreams no matter how they end!

imageIn 1968 two cool things happened in my automotive life. I got my license and the new C3 Corvette came out. It was based on the Mako Shark concept car and I thought it was awesome.

Move forward forty years and I still thought it was awesome and I still wanted one. So I went on eBay and found one that was exactly what I wanted. Continue reading